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Challenge 2022 – Kempton Turner: More Grace and Peace in Exile

Challenge 2022 – Kempton Turner: More Grace and Peace in Exile
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As we entered a week of studying 1 Peter, Kempton Turner used this short introduction to establish a context for the gospel hope we can find despite suffering and trials. But more than that, it centers our focus on the source of hope: the Triune God, whose foreknowledge, sanctification, and justification lead us to faithful obedience to Jesus. And it is this good news that gives access to a kind of exponential grace and peace that nothing else can offer.


  1. In your own words, what did God speak to your heart through the message?
  2. Like Peter, has Jesus transformed your life? Share one way that Jesus has changed your life. (If He has not, surrender to Him today.)
  3. How does being “elect” show off how much God loves His people?
  4. No matter the pain, trauma, sadness—the Lord cares and always knows where you are. How does this reality encourage you?
  5. Share one area of your life where you desperately need God’s grace and peace. Take a few minutes as a group to pray for these needs.

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