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Challenge 2022 – Kempton Turner: More Hope in Salvation

Challenge 2022 – Kempton Turner: More Hope in Salvation
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If the first two verses of the chapter lay out the context of exiles in need of the Gospel, it’s this next section that reveals just how good that good news is. This Gospel of Jesus brings with it a future hope and present joy. But the only way to access those things is with a genuine faith, that is often revealed in the midst of genuinely difficult things.


  1. In your own words, what did God speak to your heart through the message?
  2. Why do angels long to “look into” saving grace in our lives?
  3. Do you see signs of saving grace in your life? (if not, trust in Jesus today)
  4. Name one blessing of saving grace in verses 3-11 that amaze you the most?
  5. Take time in your group to praise Jesus for His saving grace.

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