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Credentialing: Character Assessment Guide

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Every candidate for a ministry credential with the EFCA must be recommended by the candidate's local EFCA church. That recommendation is only to be made after the spiritual leadership of that church has carefully and prayerfully assessed the spiritual, emotional, and interpersonal maturity of the individual.

The EFCA wants to assist you in making that character assessment. Thus, we are supplying you with assessment guides. These are for your own voluntary use. We do not require that you use them. Furthermore, they are not to be turned into the EFCA. Rather, we encourage each member of the church's spiritual leadership team to fill out these guides individually. Discuss them together among yourselves before you determine whether or not you are prepared to make the recommendation. This recommendation means that if the candidate is approved, you are confident the Lord is directing you to "lay your hands upon this person for vocational gospel ministry".

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