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Application: Ministry License – Five Year Non-Renewable

Ministry License Five Year Non Renewable.pdf
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This credential is designed for those pastors, ministers, and staff who have been involved in an EFCA qualifying ministry for less than 10 years, and who desire to be aligned with and accountable to the EFCA. The requirement is that the candidate has the appropriate theological understanding of the Statement of Faith, character worthy of a minister of the gospel, and alignment with the EFCA. Being approved for a license grants the candidate all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of an EFCA credential.

This Ministry License is non-renewable, with no exceptions, and will be issued for five years and will expire at the end of the 5th year after its issuance. A renewable Ministry License, Certificate of Christian Ministry or Certificate of Ordination (for qualified males) must be obtained within the five years for ministry credentials to continue uninterrupted. The district will determine, in consultation with the candidate, which credential will be pursued following this Ministry License.

For those who are credentialed (ordained) in a local church or in another denomination, once credentialed in the EFCA, the former credential would be considered inactive. We do not recognize or approve dual credentials (ordinations), which means the person’s primary alignment and accountability is with the EFCA.

Required Documents for Ministry License (Five Year Non-Renewable)

(PDF copies to print and mail to your district)

  • License Application
  • Letter from candidate indicating his desire to be licensed by the EFCA
  • Completed Policy on Spiritual Character Qualification forms (PSCQ)
  • Affirmation of requirements
  • EFCA Minister’s Profile
  • Theological alignment expressed in 3-page paper responding to questions provided

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