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Application: Transfer of Ordination

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An evangelical minister seeking Transfer of Ordination to the Evangelical Free Church of America shall meet the same qualifications and follow similar procedures as set forth in Section IV of "Ministerial Credentialing in the EFCA." The applicant shall seek to supply a letter of recommendation from some official or board of his previous affiliation. He must be a member of an Evangelical Free Church and must have served one year with the Evangelical Free Church of America before the Transfer of Ordination can be completed. An applicant not serving an Evangelical Free Church as pastor and wishing to transfer his ordination, must be a member in good standing of a local Evangelical Free Church for at least one year.

Required documents for Transfer of Ordination

(PDF copies to print and mail to your district)

  • Transfer of Ordination Application
  • Letter from candidate indicating his desire to transfer his present ordination to the EFCA.
  • Completed Policy on Spiritual and Character Qualification Forms – PSCQ (Personal, Spouse/Friend and Elder Board)
  • District's documentation of the strengths, weaknesses and issues not previously addressed and rationale for the additional work
  • Minutes of ordination council
  • Recommendation from the district board or credentialing council
  • EFCA Minister’s Profile
  • Completion of EFCA Required Reading or completion of TEDS History, Theology and Polity course
  • Copy of present ordination certificate

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