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D-Group Manual

A resource for intentional discipleship and disciplemaking from New Life Church in Watertown, South Dakota.

D-Group Manual.pdf
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A D-Group is…

  • 3-5 people, of the same gender, who are being equipped to be disciple makers.
  • Led by a D-Group leader.
  • Committed to meeting on a regular basis (weekly or 3x a month) for approximately 60-90 minutes each meeting.
  • Committed to being vulnerable and sharing with others who they truly are (good and bad).
  • For a season. D-Groups do not meet forever. Typically between 6-12 months.
  • Committed to spiritual reproduction. When your D-Group is over you will be expected to start up your own D-Group.

Why be a part of a D-Group?

There’s something special about gathering with two to three others who are committed to becoming mature disciples. Jesus modeled this for us when He chose three guys from His larger group of twelve disciples. While Jesus discipled twelve men for three years, we also see in God’s Word that Jesus had an inner circle that he spent time with (Peter, James and John). D-Groups are modeled on this inner circle: the clear intention is to help others to become more like Jesus and for members to be equipped to lead their own D-Groups.

Structure of each meeting (Based on a 1 hour meeting)

  • Open with prayer (1-3 minutes)
  • Have a time of conversation, catching up about everyday life—an easy way to do this is for each person to share one high and one low from their week (10 minutes)
  • Share "H-E-A-R" with each other (20-25 minutes)
  • Go over the accountability questions located in the back of the D-Group Manual (10 minutes)
  • Share prayer requests and pray for each other (10 minutes)

Only go through any other material if you have time left over.

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