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Drawing Doctrinal Lines: Where? And How?

How do we distinguish between the Essentials and the Non-essentials of the Faith?

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"Everyone draws doctrinal lines. That’s why we have 33,800 denominations (according to Newsweek Magazine, April 16, 2001); it’s why we have a plethora of mission organizations and parachurch ministries; it’s why we have different theological systems like dispensationalism and covenant theology. I’m not so concerned here today with the fact that we all draw doctrinal lines but with how we draw them. I’m sure you would all agree that we must not draw them willy-nilly; we must not draw them based on church tradition; we must not draw them on some utilitarian grounds. We need some sort of process to enable us to draw doctrinal lines rationally, logically, and biblically." – Dr. Michael Andrus

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