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ESL Curriculum

ReachGlobal offers user-friendly, activity-based curricula for English ministries with youth and adults, as well as one specifically for children.

ESL Curriculum

ReachGlobal offers three separate curricula for English ministries with youth and adults, as well as one specifically for children. All the materials are designed to be user-friendly for non-teachers. They are activity based, with a focus on conversational English.

Youth and Adult ESL Curricula

The multi-level book for each curriculum includes lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Each series also has an entry-level book for students with no English background.

All three curricula are available in twelve-lesson versions. Adventures in English and Discoveries in English also come in a seven-lesson format, while Exploring English also comes in a ten-lesson version. These series can be used with or without the accompanying reading lessons, taken from the Bible. These reading lessons come in separate books.

"Clean versions" of the same lessons are available for use in limited access countries as An English Adventure and Let’s Explore English. A secular reading course, Pathfinders, is available and comes in two different levels, advanced and beginner.

Download sample lessons from each of these series below:

Active English for Kids

Active English for Kids is intended for teaching children approximately 6-9 years old. It covers seven themes and can be used in a variety of contexts—not necessarily covering seven days. It is specifically designed for teachers who may be new to teaching English to children. Active English for Kids also comes with a CD of reproducible color graphics to go with each of the seven lessons.

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To order curriculum materials, visit NextStep Resources or call them at (800) 444-2665.

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