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Full Use of Gifts Within God’s Ordained Structure: The Church (Panel Discussion)

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Understanding the Complementarian Position: Considering Implications and Exploring Practices in the Home and the Local Church. Panel participants: Bill Kynes, Tom Nelson, Andrea Tyson, Karen Schultz, Tom Atchison.

  • How is the complementarian position understood and applied in the context of the local church where you serve?
  • How do you encourage full use of spiritual gifts of women in ministry within these God-ordained structures?
  • How do you lead in and through this? What do you perceive to be weaknesses, or what can or should be done better?
  • What are the parameters of the teaching/authority ministry (teaching and leadership), i.e. what is acceptable, allowed, encouraged and fostered?
  • How do you understand and respond to the question of the title “pastor” used for women on staff in the local church?
  • Beyond the clear and explicit biblical teachings of “equality of essence, distinction of roles in the home and the church,” how do you understand and support ministries that are an extension of the church 1) without going against or undermining that teaching and 2) without extending the leadership structure of the church too far to include ministries that are not the church?

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