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Moblizing Mercy Bible Study

A Study on Putting Jesus' Call to Mercy in Action

Mobilizing Mercy Digital Version March 2024.pdf
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In the new study “Mobilizing Mercy,” GlobalFingerprints director Greg Norwine walks believers through four lessons:

  1. The Priority of Mercy - Learn why mercy is essential to Christian life.
  2. Blessed Are the Merciful - Explore the dynamic between your relationship with God and the mercy you show to others.
  3. The Two Sides of Mercy - Delve into the balance of mercifully meeting both physical and spiritual needs.
  4. Go and Do Likewise - Discover realistic ways to practice this virtue.

Packed with helpful context, actionable ideas, and insights from powerhouses like Charles Spurgeon, “Mobilizing Mercy” stimulates readers to meditate deeply on God’s words and think critically about their own stances toward the poor and suffering.

This simple, discussion-based guide is ideal for small groups, short-term team training, youth groups, and more. Use it as a practical lead-up or follow-up to an inspiring event or as a one-on-one study to strengthen relationships between believers.

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