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Practical Guide to Pastoral Leadership: Teaching Notes from 17 Doctor of Ministry Classes

This compilation of teaching notes from Dr. John Vawter’s Doctor of Ministry classes are all about leadership…leading in a way that honors Jesus and extends and matures His Church. The notes should prove helpful to anyone wanting to grow in or teach on leadership.

Practical Guide to Pastoral Leadership.pdf
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Jesus was the God/man when He came to earth to become our Savior. He was crucified for our sins. His resurrection proved that God is more powerful than sin. But notably, Jesus was and is a leader. Time and again during His earthly ministry He demonstrated His leadership. He gathered, trained and led the twelve disciples and multiplied His followers. Through His world-wide vision of going to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the world over 2 billion people follow Him today. Importantly, He expects for there to be leadership in His Church.

Learn about the author: www.johnvawter.com

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