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The Bible and Bioethics (Full Preconference)

Dr. Matthew Eppinette helps to define bioethics and how pastors can lead on this topic.

The Bible and Bioethics (Full Preconference)

Introduction: (Part 1)
With increasing advancements in health and biotechnology, many don't stop to question the ethics surrounding these new technologies. Dr. Matthew Eppinette of TEDS and the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity helps unpack the topic of bioethics and how the Bible can guide pastors when they're faced with these ethical challenges.

Taking Life & Making Life (Part 2)
In this session, Dr. Eppinette discusses the ethical challenges regarding "ordinary care" and "extraordinary care" with end-of-life cases. He then transitions to issues of reproduction and new advances in technology in this area that raises ethical questions.

Faking Life or AI and Robots and Cyborgs, Oh My! (Part 3)
In this session, Dr. Eppinette showcases the challenges involved with robotics and artificial intelligence. As robots, cyborgs and artificial intelligence become more sophisticated and complex, how should the Church respond? He discusses "transhumanism," the idea that humans haven't reached the end of their development and are on the cusp of a radical new transitionary phase into a new species.

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